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While it is not difficult to understand the need for roof replacement when a roof has been severely damaged during a storm or has reached the very end of its lifespan, there are other situations in which it can also be a wise idea to proceed with roof replacement for your Winton-Salem, North Carolina home. At Mint Roof & Exterior, we understand that replacing your home’s roof is not the most glamorous home improvement, but it can be the most urgent and critical of them all.

Roof Replacement in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Since everything under the roof depends on it doing its job, it stands to reason that mortgage companies and insurance companies often have a say in when your roof replacement gets done. If your roof is nearing the final phase of its life, don’t be surprised if you receive notification from one of them that they have given you a deadline to get it accomplished. Rather than wait for that to happen and then be scrambling to get quotes, take care of it now, and you’ll be able to take your time with selection and scheduling the roof replacement at a more convenient time.

We recommend taking care of roof replacement prior to hurricane season, as a new roof always stands up better to high winds and downpours than an older one. In addition, you could upgrade to roofing that is better equipped to handle severe weather. If you are unsure whether your roofing is in danger of not making it through another rainy season, call on us to schedule a roof inspection from a roofing specialist that will provide you with an honest assessment as to the condition of your roofing and how much longer you can expect it to last before roof repairs are not the feasible solution any longer.

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